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Why do you need renters insurance?

Most people think renters insurance only covers significant events such as fires or floods, but it covers a lot more than that. Here are some examples.

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Your laptop is stolen

Replacing your laptop is covered even if the theft occurred outside of your rental unit.

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Your couch is ruined

Replacing your couch is covered under your personal property protection.

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Your kitchen is damaged by a fire

Repairing damage caused by a fire is covered as part of your personal liability coverage.

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Your apartment is flooded

The cost of any temporary housing is covered until you're able to safely return to your home.

Fast, affordable renters insurance

Our hassle-free process ensures you get the coverage you want, when you need it, without breaking the bank.

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Customize your coverage

Choose from a list of coverage options to tailor your policy and satisfy your protection needs.

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Add another person for free

Cover multiple individuals at the same address with a single policy at no extra cost.

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Customize your policy's start date, coverages, and add-ons to fit your needs.

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Access your policy documents and user profile through a secure insurance portal.

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Easily submit claims when in the event of a loss.

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